This is a place to find factual, timely, reliable information about the ongoing effort to stop soring, now. 


The crime of soring Tennessee Walking Horses and   related breeds has produced   factual and fictional information regarding both the issue and the   ongoing efforts to end the abuse.  The recent   photo above   shows inflammation represented by areas of heat   present in the pastern and hoof area of a performance horse using the scientific measurements   of thermography.   Soring is not a thing of the past. This site is intended to provide accurate, sourced information to advocates needing   timely   material  to assist them in their efforts to Stop Soring, Now!


Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of it.
Mark Twain, The Lowest of Animals

The purpose

This site is an independent effort to help  bring about an end to soring.  People who are involved in these practices frequently deny that the cruelty  which has plagued the walking horse and related breeds for decades still exists. The facts prove that it does.    Information on the site comes  from a variety of sources, including  humane groups, federal agencies, public record databases, and news reports.


Take Action to Stop This

Ready to take the next step? You can help by becoming informed and active in this cause. The goal  is to amend the federal Horse Protection Act to increase and make meaningful penalties for violators and  to remove performance packages, chains, and weighted shoes whose sole purpose is to enhance,  to unnatural degrees,  action in  Tennessee Walking Horses and related breeds. In these horses,  these  devices  have  contributed to the unnaturally exaggerated gaits produced when show horses  are trained sore using  chemical and mechanical methods.   

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