Getting Started: A Statement about Views of the News



First: This blog  is intended for   people who  are determined to bring  about an end to the abuse of  Tennessee Walking Horses, racking horses, and those  Spotted Saddle Horses,  where training,   shoeing,  and other practices based in abuse and ignorance have produced  unnatural and exaggerated action designed solely   for  the show ring.     Horses have been deliberately put in pain and removed from any semblance of what could be called a normal life  for one reason only: to perform so that owners,  exhibitors and trainers can experience that  ego rush that comes  from having the “freak of the week” as one industry chat room calls its videos.

Second: There are many “personalities” in the sound horse movement. It comes as no surprise that there are some people who don’t like other people and    groups, clubs, friendships have been damaged in an effort to determine   who is the “most important” voice of the sound horse movement.   The cult of the personality is silly; it’s counterproductive; it’s also  the way of the world.   It  won't be a factor in what does or doesn't get ink  in Views of the News.


This  site  separates facts and published reports from opinions published in the blog.   Facts are identified by source, while  opinions  expressed in Views of the News  are neither  made  by a  fictional character nor identified with a writer's  name.  The  posts are   a compilation of  thoughts and ideas about the  issues involved in ending soring.   They come from the  perspectives of a  variety of individuals who have  shared thoughts , ideas,  and commentary with each other for years  and now share them with you.   It doesn’t take a genius to realize that  with no names,  but plenty of chutzpah,   who likes whom is stripped away in favor of who likes the message and what can be done with it.

Third:  In a world of five- second sound bites and twitter messages, some  maintain that modern readers  won't  take the time   to read  in-depth anything, let alone essay length blog posts.  But what if you believe    that even in the 21st century not   every person wants it “ compressed, quick,  and dirty” lacking context.  This blog hopes to appeal to an audience who   takes the time to read, enjoys  a well turned phrase should  one appear,  and is willing to follow a train of thought that includes  complex and compound sentences.     


Long or short  the hope is that the posts will be  challenging  enough to be of use and become part of the conversation on this issue.  ( and, if you really don’t like to read but only skim, as a favor, points that  seem to be most important will be  highlighted in bold so that you can skip the bones that hold the piece together and focus only on the accessories. Realism can be a virtue.  )

Finally,  a blog needs an inspiration.   It  is ridiculous (  as well as tragic)  that the insistence and determination   of a small but unyielding few  to continue with  discredited practices means  that soring is still a present fact after more than 40 years under the federal  Horse Protection Act.  How do you address the problem without sounding like a bitter crank? Imagine  an  American with a highly developed sense of the ridiculous and  a reputation for  bringing controversial   issues of his own   day  into sharp focus using humor, satire,  and personal observation.     This  author received payment by the word and demanded  a strict word count by his editor because,  if a word was hyphenated, he insisted on being paid for two. It's hard to know what he would have made of twitter. He was called a radical by some because he called out the sacred cows of his day.  He was proud of the distinction for what is a radical but a reformer. 


Mark Twain, the man in white, is our  guide. From time to time, his quotes  will  introduce blog posts and you can draw your own connections.   Mr. Twain  didn’t know anything about sored horses but he knew plenty about criminals, politicians,  hypocrisy, liars , damned liars,  sharpies of all varieties,  and hidebound resistance to change.  In this regard the world as he knew it isn't all that much different from the world in which we live.  As that familiar   cast of characters comes and goes in the news in  relation to soring and the PAST Act , you    know  that,  if he were still with us,   Mr. Twain himself would feel right at home taking a wallop at the rapscallions of the  sore horse business and that's exactly what this blog will  attempt to do.